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  • Suggested Headstone Inscriptions
    These  wordings  are  intended  for  your  guidance  only  and  can  be  altered  to  meet  your  requirements at no extra cost. If you require an alternative wording, please write it out in full. When considering your inscription, you may like to consider any further inscriptions that may  need to be added in

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  • Botriphnie Gravestone Inscriptions
    About 1978 a group of young people working on a Youth Opportunities Programme recorded all the gravestone inscriptions in Moray. Many of the stones were very difficult  to read, sometimes due to the type of stone used, sometimes to the build-up of algae and lichen, sometimes because the stones were partially or completely buried and  sometimes because they were so unstable as to be dange

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  • Gather Valuable Information Found on Headstones as an Automated Process
    Cemetery headstones contain historical and genealogical information that is largely untapped and is difficult to access. We introduce a solution through computer vision and OCR that allows the user to take a photo of a headstone with a GPS smart phone, review and correct, if necessary, the regions recognized as text, and have the text, images, and GPS location from the headstone extracted, recorde

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  • Installation instructions for Headstone Photo Plaques
    Headstone photo plaques will come with a paper alignment template, a cleaning pad and the mounting tape pre-installed on the back of the photo plaque.1. The procedure for mounting the headstone photo plaque to a headstone is to first position the paper alignment template onto the headstone where you want to install the photo plaque. Secure the alignment template with m

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  • Myths and realities: Gravestones and markers are not in danger
    Proponents of numerous court-stripping and attorney’s fee measures argue that the  federal government must respond to recent judicial opinions with extreme statutory measures  denying access to the courts. These bills include  the Constitution Resto ration Act of  2005 (H.R.  1070), the Pledge Protection Act (H.R. 2389) as well as the Public Expression of Religion Ac

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  • Reading Chinese Gravestones
    It gives me great pleasure to share the heritage I took for granted and virtually ignored for a number of years.  I used to think a cemetery is for the dead, and we only go there to pay respect to the dead.  Once a year around Qingming(Ching Ming) is more than I could bear. Now I go to Rookwood Cemetery in Sydney when QINGMING (CHING MING) ever I can, given the right weather, sp

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  • Blessing of a tombstone
    A reading from the letter of St. Paul to the Romans What will separate us from the love of Christ? Will anguish, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or the sword? In the name of the Father ... No, in all these things we conquer The grace of our Lord Jesus-Christ overwhelmingly through him who loved us. and the love of God For I

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  • Tombstone Weathering
    The purpose of this study was to observe the chemical erosion of marble tombstones. We obtained our data by determining the difference between the widths of the top and base of the tombstone. We hypothesized that there would be a positive correlation between the age of the marble tombstone and the amount that had eroded. We found the best correlation to be a logarithmic relationship between the ag

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  • Headstone Insurance
    Despite your love and care itis possible forthe headstone of a loved one to suffer damage. Sadly a headstone can be the target of vandals or damaged by falling branches. This can be distressing and naturally youwillwantthe headstone to be restored as quickly as possible. The headstone insurance policy ensures you have the fundsto arrange a speedy restoration.• Ins

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  • The meaning of American Pet Cemetery Gravestones
    Research on American pet gravestone inscriptions going back more than a century provides ethnographic evidence supporting the widespread observation that many Americans conceive of companion animals as family members, and endow them with cultural characteristics close to those of humans. Pet gravestone inscriptions illustrate three principal developments over the past hundred years: first, the gro

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  • A Guide to Gravestone Inscriptions
    Gravestone inscriptions are a wonderful source of  information for both the local historian and for the  genealogist.  As many church registers do not begin  until the early to mid 19th  century and civil registration of  births and deaths was not introduced until 1864,  gravestone inscriptions are an alternative way of tracing  a family back beyond the midd

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  • A brief guide to rock and stones types
    TYPES OF ROCKIgneous Rocks have been formed by solidification of molten material from the earth's crust. Granite is the most familiar stone from this category. Sedimentary Rocks were formed when the original rocks disintegrated due to weathering and became reconsolidated over millions of years by the settling of their grains, usually in water, and through enormous

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